Ahh, fall is here! And although it is still hot as balls in Dallas, as long as I wear something light on my body, I can and will pull on some thigh high boots (THB). Boots are most definitely one of my favorite trends. Be they over-the-knee, thigh-highs or crotch-high, I just feel like they can make you feel so damn sexy and yet so bad ass. Wear a cute little black mini dress, a sweatshirt/sweater dress, skirt, a pair of winter shorts or even trendy cut off short, throw on a pair of thigh highs and they will elevate your entire look. Opt for a higher heel, this will crazy elongate your legs. Now style with a garment which stops where the boot stops for a little skin peek-a-boo when you walk or sit. Or with something that will give you about 5-6 inch gap of skin to sex it up. I personally like to show a bit of leg above the boot, because I'm short and this gives an optical illusion of longer legs, which in turn gives the illusion of height. Styling black THB with jeans however isn't something I would recommend. You've got your boots, then a pair of skinny jeans and a top. While this has been a huge trend through out the years, it isn't my favorite. I feel like, visually this styling breaks your body up in blocks. Unless you're a tall, skinny, runway chick, this look isn't very flattering. But if this is how you like to wear THBs,  go with denim that is same or close in color to your boots. This will make your legs flow, lengthening them, rather that being cut off at the thigh.

Play around with this look. Pull out a few different pieces out of your closet and have a styling session, you may be surprised how some of these pieces will look completely different styled with thigh-highs.

Have fun.

Tag a selfies on Instagram with #silentimageryTHB or send it to me directly @mashamv I would love you see your looks.

♡ Masha

thigh high boots
Thigh high boots Colleyville town square
Thigh high boots Colleyville town square
Thigh high boots Colleyville town square

*make up tip

If you are like me and tend to wear darker colors, black in my case. Go for a softer make up. Pale rose cheeks and lips with a defined brow is all you need. 


Photography by Timothy Bell